November 04, 2004

Time to starve the beast

I hate to say it, but after Tuesday's disappointing Democratic showing, I'm thinking that a reasonable way to battle conservative dominance of the federal government is to make it smaller. Change things such that the Congress has less influence over my life out here in California. I find it strange for me to agree with the likes of Grover Norquist. Previously, I've had very visceral reactions to any of his ideas but today, I see some sense in shrinking the federal government. How else are we going to be able to keep a spendthrift President in check?

What moved to this opinion is a rather ironic graphic, "showing which states benefit from federal tax and spending policies, and which states foot the bill." From TaxProf Blog, "Red States Feed at federal Trough, Blue States Supply the Feed", displays how my tax dollars have a net effect of subsidizing the lives of those with whom I disagree the most. I say, a transfer of my taxes from the federal government to the state government is now in order. Yes, some very important federal health, education and social security programs will suffer but I'm willing to transfer that burden locally. The California state legislature is much more likely to get things right than the U.S. Congress. Come to think of it, what is really going on here is that the heretofore profligate Republican Congress is taxing the Democratic states and transferring the money to poorer Republican states. It's time for this to end.

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